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Atomic Attraction: The Psychology Of Attraction




Without it, you will never achieve that. This is the book that will teach you how to be a “man that ”. * * * Because of the nature of the topic and because “it”,  as it is called in scientific research, is a compound word with two letters in each of the words, it is difficult to pin point a specific period of time and place when it emerged in history. By and large, scientific research shows the type of behavior has existed in the world for eons. Evolution shows that it has been around since before our first common ancestor. Throughout the history of mankind, the traits of “being a man that ” have been present but have not been uniformly expressed. They can be found, however, in the legends and stories of many different societies and civilizations. They are woven into the fabric of our cultures and society. Even our rituals, religious beliefs, as well as our own culture and beliefs have these  traits built in them. For a long time, and until recently, most humans lived in small tribes or small communities. They lived in a very small area with limited contact with the outside world. The rules were simple. Everyone knew everyone. With all the familial bonds and social relationships that were built in the communities, you could have said with certainty that it was “normal” to act the way men “that ” act. However, the global travel, the increased contact with the world around us, as well as the rise of civilization and the establishment of large-scale societies have all been changing the human social structure. The question is; are we able to keep these old-fashioned values as our new “culture”? We live in a time where most men feel like they are living in “masculine hell”. There are many men living today that feel like they have not fit in. They are misunderstood by the society they live in. They feel like they have not gotten the respect they deserve as they are not following the societal rules they have been taught. There are men that walk around the world, knowing that they are not living the life of the “man that ”. They do not care about what the people think. They are not friends with the people. They don’t care what the people in the communities think.




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Atomic Attraction: The Psychology Of Attraction

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